Here is Every Problem I Solved with Code:

Azul Demo

Easily play the board game azul online alone or with friends from a web browser with no sign up required.


Bouncer Discord Bot

Automatically ban people impersonating you and your admins in your Discord server. Easy to setup. Easy to manage. Saves time. Prevents people from getting scammed.

Laplead Demo

Quickly scrape google maps data enriched with email addresses. 20% bounce rate for emails. Get list of 100 companies for free.

Sudoku Demo

Newspaper Sudoku

Chill sudoku. Free Android App with unique sudoku puzzles. Plus Sudoku Solver. No ads. No nonsense.


Poker Tables Randomizer

Enter names of people playing, generate tables, and randomly assign seating. Great for tornaments and home games.

X Reply Counter Demo

X Reply Counter

Swiftly count the replies you post daily on 𝕏. Replying to accounts is proven to help you grow on 𝕏.

What's Next?

Have an idea of a problem that can be solved through software? Reach out and i'll see if I can build something for you that'll benefit others as well.